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Limo Service Napa

Exotic Limos has multifaceted options for every limo enthusiast in the form of Limo Rentals in Napa. Providing Party Bus Service Napa and other wide range of options is core reason why everyone appreciates our services in the city. Standing tall as one of the most preferred Limo and Exotic Car Rental provider, we have the pleasure of renting premium limos such as Hummer Limo, Range Rover and Rolls Royce Limos. You can also explore the latest models of Mercedes and Bentley if you are looking more luxurious options in Napa.

Party Bus Service Napa

Since Party Bus Rentals in Napa are all about exciting features and extra fun, Exotic Limos has been working on introducing party buses that are more appropriate for every occasion. From weddings to prom celebrations, we consider every event to be unique and therefore arrange for extra special party buses that would remain part of every celebration throughout the event. The choice we provide include 18-25 passenger party bus, 26-33 passenger party bus and 34-50 passenger party bus in Napa. It goes without saying that each one of the party buses we arrange are equipped with LED TVs and fine audio systems for great entertainment.

Hummer Limo Rental Napa

Hummer Limo Rental in Napa by Exotic Limos is a unique service that guarantees absolute comforts with better deals through-out the year. You can explore more about seasonal deals and packages by getting in touch with us. Hummer Limo can usually fit in around 18 passengers, which is ideal for weddings, corporate events and wine tours in the city. Ultra comfortable seating and inbuilt music system are among of the multiple benefits of opting for a Hummer ride.

Exotic Limos Napa

The range of quality vehicles and limos we arrange as part of Exotic Limo Rentals in Napa ensures that we are second to none in this segment. Depending on the demand, we arrange for Mercedes Limo and Bentley Flying Spur along with exotic options such as Lamborghini and Ferrari. Since there is a lot of demand for the exotic cars, we encourage advance booking of our services.

DJ Service Napa

Exotic DJ rental services in Napa are among the top rated music and entertainment services. Our expert DJ teams are always prepared in order to make your event or celebration a grand success. Whether it is a traditional wedding or a high spirited graduation day celebration, we can comfortably adapt with every situation. Since customization is our strength, you can expect multifaceted performance led by Bollywood, Hip Hop and Western tracks. In fact, we are not limited by the genera of music as our DJs are well versed with all types of music.

Photography Service Napa

Providing top quality Photography services in Napa with customized approach is our unique strength. Our customized solutions would include sending the photographers who knows the native language of the customers. This adds to the professional value we offer through exclusive photography and videography solutions. Our kitbags only contain cameras and lenses from highly admired brands like Canon or Nikon. Capturing the best and memorable moments is an art that we master every day, making your event absolutely special.

Boat Rental Napa

The invaluable advantage of going for a professional boat rentals provider is clearly reflected by the way ‘Exotic Boat Services’ operate Boat Rentals in Napa. Our boat services are available for Lake Tahoe and Lake Berryessa. Apart from boat rentals, we also facilitate Yacht Rentals in Napa for San Francisco Bay, Oakland Bay and Marin County Bay Areas.