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Limo Rental Services Santa Rosa

The Limo Rental Services in Santa Rosa arranged by ‘Exotic Limo’ are apt and suitable for every occasion that needs a special appeal. Limos are best to display splendor and they are dignified too. Even if you want to make your wedding or anniversary a simple celebration, you can expect that kind of harmony and elegance in the form of exotic cars you can rent from us. Going beyond the options like Rolls Royce Limo and Mercedes GL Limo, we take pride and pleasure in our collection that even runs into Lamborghini Huracan, Rolls Royce Phantom and Bentley Flying Spur. We have an exclusive limo to offer for every occasion and going by the number of guests and their profile. You can very well make an informed decision about which limo to book from us.

Hummer Limo Rental for Santa Rosa

Hummer Limo has always enjoyed its special status of being popular as the most versatile limo in any city. The range of Hummer Limo Rental Service in Santa Rosa offered by us is truly diverse to the effect of adding value and significance to every event. From weddings and anniversaries to birthdays and graduation day celebrations and corporate events to quinceanerra celebration, our choice of Hummer Limo will be a suitable option for you. The latest models have better and improved interiors along with well toned exterior appearance. It goes without saying that a Hummer is well fit for a group of around 15 passengers.

Party Bus Rentals Santa Rosa

You can have unlimited fun only when you have unlimited avenues and options for fun and entertainment. More importantly, having your choice of friends can make it even better. Party Bus Rentals in Santa Rosa come with a complete package of fun and entertainment. ‘Exotic Limo’ takes care of all the necessary arrangements with your favorite event fast approaching in terms of booking an ideal party bus and ensuring all the desirable facilities are in place. If you are going for a Prom event or wine tours, we provide options including 17-26 Passengers Party Bus, 27-35 Passengers Party Bus and 36-50 Passengers Party Bus for your extensive fun and pleasure.

DJ Rentals for Santa Rosa

When our team of DJ professionals is at work, any event is expected to be electrified with great music tracks, unlimited entertainment and nonstop dancing. Our brand of ‘Exotic DJ Rentals’ is and completely unique in our style and approach. You always have an additional advantage of engaging our DJ Rentals in Santa Rosa because we also bring along all the essential equipment that matters the most for a DJ event. From music and audio systems to lighting equipment and musical instruments specific to your ethnicity, we take complete control of your event. It reduces your stress and unwise spending as well.

Photography Services Santa Rosa

Exotic Photography Services in Santa Rosa are naturally distinguished and unique by many measures. The photographs we capture for any event have remained to be the top choice images in any photo album. Events that have huge significance such as weddings and anniversaries will be covered by our experts who understand the value of every moment. They apply smart thinking and judgment because of which right expressions and right moments are captured. Such an explicit skill is also complimented by our choice of premium lenses and cameras from either Canon or Nikon or even Sony.

Videography Services Santa Rosa

Our experience of shooting for high profile and celebrity events obviously gives us the edge. It works in your favor when you approach us for Videography Services in Santa Rosa. Wedding Videography is our special feature in the basket of services we offer. Our expertise is well recognized for the unique outcome we promise for events like birthday and graduation day celebrations. Similarly, corporate events are specially covered by considering their priorities and expectations that vary from one company to another company. No leaving behind any kind of occasion, we also extend our professional touch for quinceanerra celebrations.

Boat and Yacht Rental Services in Santa Rosa

The Boat Rentals in Santa Rosa organized by our team has exclusive benefits to offer in terms of providing more options as well as arranging for transport to the fresh water lakes. Boating is lively and exciting at Lake Tahoe and Lake Barryessa. Boat riding is ideal for a group of 12 people joining from Santa Rosa. Apart from boating and related water sports, we also facilitate Yacht Rentals in Santa Rosa. They are arranged for popular back water Bays including San Francisco, Oakland and Marin County Bay Areas.
Executive Protection Services for Santa Rosa
In order to ensure your visit to Santa Rosa remains safe and secured, engage our expert executive protection services. Talk to us and share your apprehensions and concerned related to your security so that we will do an initial assessment of the places you are likely to visit apart from shadowing you with armed bodyguards. It is your choice to request for armed or unarmed security personnel. Upon your discretion, we can also have our security experts in plain clothes mixed up in the crowd.
Private Jet Rental Service Santa Rosa
You can always make your outstation travel more of a private affair with all inclusive executive services offered by us as part of Private Jet Rental Services in Santa Rosa. They include the booking of fully equipped Jets handled by experienced crew and pilots. We arrange for wide range of Jets identified as Light Cabin, Midsize Cabin and Large Cabin Jets based on their cabin size and capacity. Save on time and ensure your travel remains production by seeking our expert Jet rental services.